Republic of Moreland

January 6, 2007

Cosmic Carpark

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An empty parking lot in Brunswick. I’m crossing it, heading back to the studio, having just been caught in a sudden downpour, a rare thing in these post Al Gore times. Suddenly I notice something in front of me. There on the wet asphalt a kind of infinite cosmos is unfolding… (more…)

Dobbing on our neighbours

Filed under: art,crime,environment,gardening,neighbours,politics,water — Kath @ 12:07 am

Tough-on-crime serial dobber Bane of Malakas just emailed me. He alerted me to a blog on the site of a happening Melbourne music magazine, Mess+Noise. There, PaulsGrandfather writes:

“It is not anyone’s ‘right’ to water their concrete driveways. Or to take 20 minute showers. Or to hose down their windows.”

Hear, hear — naturally. Same, of course, with big urban 4WDs. Toorak tractors should be outlawed, for sure, and we should treat the ‘rights’ rhetoric coming from the motoring community car lobby with the tar-and-feathering it deserves. It’s no-one’s ‘right’ to warm the planet for the sake of Big Ego. But listen up: here’s PaulsGrandfather’s answer to water-crime: (more…)

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