Republic of Moreland

January 11, 2007

Up for grabs

Filed under: notices — Kath @ 4:05 pm

is a gift voucher for an hour’s massage at Fitzroy Holistic Health. Someone gave it to me about a year ago and, despite only excellent experiences at FHH, I now go to osteopath Steven Sexton, who works from Wilson Street, Brunswick. He is the God of Massage.

So if anyone visiting this site would like to have this, worth around 60 bucks I reckon, just comment below and I’ll send you an email to get postal details, and I’ll pop it in the mail for you.

UPDATE: As with other posts, within moments of me putting this up Bane of Malakas was loitering with intent. (Bane, you must be on RSS feed, or else hitting ‘refresh’ all day. Get a job you bludger.) But I take it from his comment below he doesn’t want the voucher. Instead, he suggests a competition for the foulest commentary. I suggest a competition for the best suggestion for a competition. (Really, the suggestion can be totally lame. Or you can just say why you really really want it. A sob story. Anything. I just want to give away the voucher.) If no-one comments within the next coupla days, I’ll donate this voucher as a givaway for this event.

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