Republic of Moreland

January 14, 2007

Folk want Coburg to become Stepford Wife

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Coburg has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder by its retailers, who are recommending her transformation into something “Bright and Inviting, Happy and Alive, Confident, Joyous & Attractive, [has] Pizzazz & [is] Entertaining.” (more…)

Radio City

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From the Vulgar Press:

Over the course of three decades, 3RRR-FM has become an indispensable part of Melbourne’s cultural fabric, a vital hub of the city’s renowned music and arts scenes and an independent voice among a chorus of repetition.

But it wasn’t always so. Born in 1976, the product of an experiment in public radio just as the DIY spirit of punk music was hitting the streets, much of Triple R’s existence was fraught and surrounded by chaos. (more…)

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