Republic of Moreland

January 30, 2007

Livestocking in Cobes

Filed under: Brunswick,Coburg,urban farming,water — Kath @ 10:13 pm

When we were house-hunting a couple of years back, we looked at a house in Jones Street, Brunswick. It was advertised for a song, it looked neat enough from the outside, and our stomachs churned as we entered. It stank. Real bad. It was a mess. The estate agent — from Lewis — looked aptly embarrassed, poor fella. He didn’t even attempt to talk it up. For reasons we couldn’t discern, the house had two kitchens. They weren’t Kosher or Halal, let me tell you. One had a tap that didn’t so much drip as dribble stuff. Worse: the dank, sour-smelling concrete yard was overcrowded with pigeons, rabbits and flies, and no doubt rats—it was a vermin concentration camp. (more…)

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