Republic of Moreland

February 10, 2007

Bird-busters wanted

Filed under: Birds,environment,gardens,urban farming — Kath @ 10:00 pm

I need advice. Since planting my vegies, putting in a couple of ponds and installing a seed-feeder for the chooks, my garden has become the bird hub of Coburg. By the hundreds the little shites are eating the chook-food, the tomatoes and the figs, and making a goddam mess of the garden with their carryings-on. They’re digging up my seedlings, tossing earth out of the beds and making my vegies and fruit trees root-bare. Little One and I made an alarming Mrs Scarecrow and mantled her in the chook pen, and they laughed at me. I tried hanging Little One’s sterner-looking Bert from the shed roof, no change. Someone suggested hanging CDs from the trees: a good call, as I’ve been pondering ways to deal with Bloke on The Avenue’s Skinny Puppy albums. But I tried suspending a few CDs, and while I think they’ve had marginal effect on blackbirds and sparrows, they’ve been ignored by the doves, crows and miner birds. I also fear they’ll scare off native songbirds. Help.


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