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June 9, 2008

Tapas ticket

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I was going to try and write something pithy and contructive around this point but it’s obviously beyond me so I’ll just get to the point. Has anyone else seen the prices of the tapas at A Minor Place?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Place and have been known to waste hours a day there and was pleased-as-punch when they announced they would be opening evenings for wine and tapas. My husband and my addiction to wine and tapas meant our son spent much of his first year parked on a terrace in successive north-western spanish towns while we indulged in broadening his cultural education. But jeetjes, even we can’t come at these prices! Well we did once, just to be fair, but NEVER again. Shame, it was all looking so promising.

And since I’m being trivial and petty, someone obviously forgot to tell Clem Bastow at The Age that the expression is “very new Brunswick”, not “very Brunswick”. Or maybe he is creating his own sub-category? Whatever, interesting though that he felt the need to explain the use of the term.


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