Republic of Moreland

April 23, 2007

Midnight mayhem in Moreland

Two nights ago I awoke to the sound of screaming.

No, I didn’t copy that from my grade 4 creative writing “opening lines” exercise. I actually did awake to the sound of screaming.

It was coming from my back yard. Out of sleep’s fug, it dawned on me that the alarming sounds were coming from the chook pen. I grabbed the torch and raced outside to hear the delicate tinkle of a cat-collar bell. My chickens were all out of the coop, clearly agitated.

I didn’t see the cat, but yesterday a tabby, wearing said bell, was casing the joint. I threw stones at it, as one does. But it kept returning all day, eventually terrorising the baby chooks. In broad daylight!

Despite my stone-throwing, word of larks at Number xx got around, and before long a tortoise-shell cat was stalking the back yard, And then you, spooky.

My chicken-coop, being of open plan (Eames era) design, is a drop-in facility for all class of creature. It’s not maximum security, but it looks like I’ll have to work on upgrading it today.

Unless anyone has suggestions as to how to keep them there kitties away. I’ve heard of pepper to deter dogs: is there any non-structural deterrent for cats?

February 25, 2007

L’il dawgies

Filed under: environment,pets — Kath @ 9:03 pm

We’re thinking about getting a dog for Little One, and to scare the birds away from my vegie crops. We actually object to dogs. Yes, they’re lovable and cute and fun, but I can’t justify buying so much meat in cans every week. (Even the amount of dried food seems excessive.) Dogs are expensive to run, and they cause environmental damage by pooing (although not as much as previously thought.) So we thought a little dog might be just the ticket: apparently toy dogs eat as little as a handful a day. Thing is, we don’t like the wee yappy muts. Bloke likes pugs very much, because they’re ugly and robust and ‘a big dog in a small dog’s body’, but they’re around $700 each! Even puppies cross-bred with pugs are hundreds of bucks. Out of the question. We want something short-haired, calm, small, cheap and lovable. I sure would appreciate any advice on breeds or where to get a suitable l’il dawgy.

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